Happy Summer from the Fourward Glass family!  Summer brings along with it the heat we all love. We here at FG Gallery have a sale on a majority of products and artistic pieces going on until July 31st.  Our sale includes most of our items; dry pipes, water-pipes, Ooze, Dr. Dabber, and Pax products, as well as all of our torches, and most of our pendants.


Starting with our 10% Off bracket our items and artwork include: Puffco Pro 2, Puffco+, Pax 2, Pax 3, Ooze Magma, Ooze Splasher, Ooze Gusher Globe kit, Ooze Duplex, and all of our 510-threaded Ooze batteries. The Ooze batteries all work with standard cartridges and basic electronic cigarette tanks at a 3.4v-4.5v range with a life of 380-900 mAh.


Our artistic pieces that fall in the 10% off category include: Minguez Glass, Homeblown Glass, Red Nose Glass, Hyphae pendant, Tyme Glass FOX Pendant, Capt’n Chronic Floating recyclers, Jeff Heathbar floating recyclers, Kid Glass Tetrahedrons, Hamm Waterworks, Hollinger Glass Fire and Brozay mini-tube set, Sizelove-Cooney Zanfirico & Bubbletrap Minitube collaboration, Steve Sizelove pendants, Xavier Glass pendants, Alex Inwood pendant, Subtl dichroic sacred geometry pendants, Daddy-O pendants, and Utokian Society pendants.


Some  of our dabbing accessories marked at 10% include Mountain Glass Art quartz bangers, Crystal Star Quartz bangers, Terp Tuner directional flow carb caps, Bubble carb caps, Caps by Head Nectar, Newport butane torches, and Blazer butane torches. Our Brother Bud dabber/carb-cap combinations will also be 10% till the 21st!


Our products that fall into the 20% off category include: Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer Pen , Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Pen, Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen, Dr. Dabber Boost E-Rig, and a variety of our glass dabbers.


Our artists pieces in the 20% discounted include: Adam Pacini, Lizzard Glass, Pat’s Glass, Our Glass, Tally Glass, Green Flash, Head Nectar, Seed of Life Glassworks, Dirty Rico, Fatboy Glass, Solo micro-lites, both the Sweeney Glass skull pendant and his Microtubes. Some more of our artists at 20% off are Smash Glass, BFMT+Kuhn Energy Milk Bottle collaboration, Jeff Green Chip Weave Minitubes, the Natey Love Infinity pendants and his Zipper water-pipes, RJ Glass CFL Owl Minitube, Big Z+T. Funk collaboration, Wyoming Mini Anglerfish Rig, Wyoming+Hamm Waterworks collaboration, Scoz Dragon, Nathan Miers+Robo Serum Space Minitube collaboration, Sizelove+Melitz Bubbletrap Squatty collaboration, Hollinger Glass Exp. 28 and Fire & Ice Minitube set, and a variety of Hefe, JD, and Burtoni sets, collabs, and pieces. Our Gregory Paul Scheyer pendants and rigs will also be 20% off till April 21st. Our pendants in the 20% discounted category also include Gonzoe Glass.


Many of the artists we display in our Gallery in the 30% discounted range are: Wil Glass, Hamm Waterworks, B. Wilson Glass, Scolari Studios, WiscoKid, Sharp Glass, Beardo Glass, JB & Solo collaboration, JB, Hyphae, Manwich Glass, Bambi Glass, Ryan Kuhns, Freek Glass, Andy G. Esh Glass, P. A. Jay, Pakoh Glass, Tyme Glass, Gumby Glass, Jacob Vincent, Tyme Glass, Micah Evans, Darby Holm, Big Z, Chad G.+Big Z collaboration, Germilion dry-pipes, Blitzkriega, JOP!+Hoobs collaboration, Kind+Sven collaboration, Ramickelsen, E.F. Norris, Mike Luna, B.T.B.G., Amani Summerday, Robo Glass, Gumby Glass, and our Daddy-O (Jackson Pollock style) light reactive Minitubes.


Our dabbing accessories in the 30% discounted range include Keys Glass carb-caps, Subtl carb-caps, Cap Stars, and a variety of custom glass dabbers.


Our clearance section has some incredible deals at 45% discounted. These artists and production lines glass include, Zoo Glass, High Tech Glass, Pux Glass, Medicali Glass, Purr Glass, Dan Barto, Lear Glass, Schmitz Glass, Pyrology, Pulse Glass. This reduced price will remain after our Summer Sale is over on July 31st.


Once again we want to extend a very warm thank you from the entire Fourward Glass family. Without the love and support of our clientele and the incredible artists we have on display it would be hard to consider ourselves the successful, artist driven  gallery we are today.


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