This Saturday, October 29th, Fourward Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop will have the honor of hosting “N8’s Ghostly Galaxies”, A VIP event Featuring the work of Nathan Miers from 4pm to 6pm. We will be open to the General Public from 6pm-9pm with a Spaced-Themed Costume Party at our location, 611 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, Florida. General Admission is FREE!

This event will feature brand new work by N8, food, drinks and most importantly, an opportunity to meet and talk with Nathan about the amazing work he continues to produce.

VIP tickets are limited to 10 Collectors and are currently offered for $100 by contacting Fourward Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop at


The VIP Package will include $50 towards any purchase in the store, a swag bag of N8 Merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, mood mat, etc. and additional swag provided by Fourward Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop.

Swag bags will also be sold separately.

Nathan Miers is one of the foremost and well-known talents in the glass blowing industry.

His followers are loyal and his collectors are devoted. Fourward Glass was fortunate enough to grab N8 for an incredible interview. We hope you enjoy reading more about this amazing artist. See you this Saturday, the 29th!

Fourward Glass

An Interview With Nathan Miers – Glass Pipe & Glass Blowing Extraordinaire

Birthplace: Olympia, Washington

Siblings: Two awesome younger sisters!

Where are you living now? In beautiful Evergreen, Colorado

What do you like to do when you are not on the torch, such as hobbies, sports, etc.?
I’m a workaholic. I’m in the shop so much I honestly don’t give myself a lot of free time (working on that) but when I DO have free time, I’m into bmx/mtn bikes, traveling, new technology, reading/researching, and simply just chilling out and doing nothing is sometimes nice…haha!

Is anyone else in your family an artist?
I actually come from a long line of creative types; Mom was a writer, Dad worked with wood on at an artistry level when he wasn’t building entire houses. One Aunt was a prestigious ceramics painter in her time, another owned her own Graphic Design firm for awhile (a huge inspiration when I was younger). My youngest sister runs her own photography business and has an amazing eye. My Grandpa was a cartoonist, I believe he may have even worked at Walt Disney for a short period? I know I’m probably leaving others out…

What was your first medium for art? In other words, have you always been interested in glass blowing or did you start off producing another form of art?
I was ALWAYS drawing cartoons and making comic books, from as far back as I can remember all the way through my teen years. Then as I got into high school I switched to playing guitar in a punk band for a few years. After we eventually disbanded, I got into graphic design during my college years and thought that would be my final career choice. But about halfway through college (and after all the fun art classes were completed) I discovered glass. Less than 6 months later I dropped out of school and quit my part-time jobs as I started to consistently make an income from glass blowing and glass pipe making. I was my own boss, working with friends, making my own hours, working to loud music, all while learning/mastering a new trade…to me that was the REAL American dream.

Do you still own the first piece of glass you blew?
I absolutely do! It was a failed mushroom pendant that looked more like a weird lantern flame of sorts. I realized really quick that this was going to be much harder than it looked, and that challenge excited me.

What inspires you when you are on the torch?
First and foremost, constantly seeking out and learning new techs is what keeps me going; I get bored/burnt out easily if I’m not keeping it fresh as far as what I’m making. Having some sort of connection to the theme I’m working in helps too, because then I want to learn as much as possible about it, and then share that knowledge with others, and that’s inspiring to me. Also, thinking of fun and positive ways to engage my community of friends, fans and followers inspires me to great lengths and keeps the ‘hunt’ for my artwork exciting and challenging. A lot of my best ideas come while gazing into the flame.

How many years have you been blowing? I started in the summer of 2002. 
You really love incorporating a “Space Theme” into your work, where did that idea come from?
I’d spent nearly 10 years making colored linework and inside-out production work for shops, and the occasional custom request from a friend or shop. I was still kinda seeking a style I could call my own, and while star-gazing one night I remembered a space-theme piece I had made a few years previous to that night and decided I’d revisit the topic the next day in the studio. Very few artists were making space-themed work at that time, most notably Gateson, but he wasn’t making many space-themed functionals, so I tried to squeeze into that niche while finding my own style/voice.

Can you describe the technique that you are known for?
There have actually been a few techs over the years that I’ve helped popularize, but most recently it’s my spacey Intergalactic Series that people really seem to love. I dabble in a lot of other techniques and styles, but more people connect with the space theme than anything else I’ve done. I’m passionate about outer space in general, so I rarely get bored working within the theme, and it gives me a chance to educate and/or just talk to people about it at events, which gets me super-excited.

How has your work evolved as you have grown as an artist?
I started out doing this as a creative job, making things with my hands and brain, and I liked that. I paid my dues making the same usually-boring items a million times for shops, while knowing that would help me learn skills I’d need later. Now after all those years of long hours, countless losses, living check to check, and holding dearly onto determination during the bleakest of moments, I’ve climbed the metaphorical ladder to where I get to make what I want; projects with intention that give me an opportunity to teach myself and others through my work. And I also have a captivated audience that I can use to create more positive change in the world than I could do myself, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with that potential. I never ever imagined it would get to this point, and yet, I can’t wait to see where it leads…

If you weren’t blowing glass, what would you be doing?
I’d probably be some sort of musician, or own a graphic design firm, or be an entrepreneur. None of those sound as fun as what I’m doing though, so I feel in my heart I made the right choice.


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