Welcome to the newly redesigned Fourwardglass.com. Our team here at Fourward Glass Gallery hopes you all find the new layout and categories to be a great improvement in user experience from the changes made in categories, descriptions and overall functionality. As functionality is our goal as a forward thinking functional glass gallery and smoke shop. We strive to truly bring the full experience of our Gallery located on Central Ave. in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida to you all across not just the United States but the world.

As we head towards the Holiday Seasons we are excited to further expand our relationship with Puffco as an Authorized Retailer by carrying the new The Proxy electronic mobile Dab Rig device along with its accessories such as their Dry Bowl, Ball Caps. As well as waterpipe attachments for the Puffco Proxy with Borofarm’s Proxy Bubbler waterpipe pieces. There are currently three different attachments we offer specifically for the Proxy from Borofarm: The Clear Bubbler, The Worked Bubbler, and The Disc Bubbler, each offering a truly dab rig experience without the need for a butane torch. We also continue to offer their waterpipe attachments for both the Puffco Peak and the Peak Pro to elevate function and user experience.

Here at Fourward Glass Gallery and Smoke Shop we strive to showcase and offer quality functional glass art pieces from artists local as well as from around the United States. We are excited to now be carrying work from many artists new to our gallery such as: Lerk the World and his Crushed Opal Lerkers, Soji with his beautiful Cups, NJR Glass’s Recyclers, Moonbo Glass’s Fumed Recyclers, Bdunn Glass and their beautiful linework Minitubes, Glass Carpenter’s Ratchet Perc Tubes, Christina Cody’s Ice Cream Bubblers and Ice Cream Dry Pipes, Grav Labs with their many styles of Tubes and Gravity pieces, Stonetech Glass’s stunning sandblasted dry pipes, Justin Freeman’s Dichro Bird Skull Minitubes, Toasted Gnome with their Fumed Airtrap Minitubes and more!

We are also proud to be offering new works from many of our beloved artists such as: Blitzkriega and his Balloon Dog Rigs, Cambria and his Abstract Dab Rigs, Minguez with his new Ill-Cycler 10mm Recycler Rigs, Natey Love and his famous Infinity Pendants for all lovers of glass, Adam Pacini’s ever evolving Glass Octopus Rigs now with some featuring Encased Opal Eyes, Capt’n Cronic and his new style of 10mm recycler rig the Two and Through.

Diesel Glass is fully stocked for all your affordable waterpipe needs. Starting out with $50 Beaker and Straight tube pieces with a rubber grommet downstem and slide. Up from there they offer glass on glass Beaker and Straight Tubes, Tree Arm Beaker and Straight Tubes, Showerhead and Tree Arm Bubblers, as well as their newly designed Gridded Disk Wine Bottle and Straight Tubes featuring removable dry ash catchers. All hand blown in Orlando, Florida.

New glass pipes and dab rigs wouldn’t complete your sesh set up without the proper accessories! We are now offering Moodmats in various sizes and artist collaborations. Moodmats proudly save “valuable rubber scraps” from entering a landfill. U.S.A.’s original neoprene upcycling co. takes everything from wetsuits, gaskets, weatherstripping, wheelchair seat molds, stock car tires, and plenty more “clean” donations to make up their “LAVA RUBBER” to create these piece protecting mats. Ruby Pearl Co terp pearls have been fully restocked with various ruby and sapphire terp pearls and Ruby Terp Slurper Marble sets. As well as new quartz banger options from Honeybee Herb with their Honeysuckle terp slurper style banger made from US Quartz currently available in 10mm 90 Degree Male, 10mm 45 Degree Male, and 14mm 90 Degree Male.

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