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We had another great year at Fourward Glass. Over the summer we changed locations from 611 Central to 1000 Central Avenue, Suite 100. where we now operate out of a stand-alone art gallery. We are right across from Grass Roots Coffee, Kava, and Kratom lounge and SeacoastBank in the heart of the Edge district on Central Avenue. Come and check out our new location, white building with turf out front! Even just visiting the gallery is well worth the trip if you or some friends are looking to explore all the great galleries in Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida.

The new location has allowed us to expand our product lines into some of the more traditional products one may find in smoke/vape shops all over the country. We carry 510-threaded batteries for all sorts of concentrate attachments or pre-filled cartridges. Some of these batteries include the YoCan, Ooze, and Smok lines as well as the Pax and the Magic Flight Launch Box if one is looking for a convection-oven style vape for dry-leaf. For those looking for a torchless dab rig set-up we carry both the Pulsar RoK and the Puffco Sunset Lightning Peak. These devices are great for those who want the waterpipe function of a smoking device without having to use a torch and bucket/banger. 

Some new items we are carrying are the Eyce and Aqua Works silicone waterpipes and dry pipes. These options still have glass slides and downstems to ensure easy cleaning and smoother smoking experience. We personally find the silicone pipes to be perfect for outside use such as at the beach, pool, or even a camping trip. The new silicone ashtrays have a de-bowler in the center to make clearing your piece easy without worrying about breaking the bowl through repeated cleanings. Some of our customers like to put their silicone in the freezer overnight to flake off any burnt carbon build-up on the inside of the pipe, however we also carry Randy’s Glass Cleaner (Green Label) which works as well on silicone as it does on glass.

Another popular item for those looking to get a great gift has been our stuff-it-and-puff-it coffee/espresso mugs with a built in pipe. The mug and pipe combo is great to keep a stash in the cup and is disguised very well. 

The FDA has banned the sales of nicotine products including all vape products to customers under the age of 21. We are sorry to our regulars who did not get grandfathered in. Part of the ban was on pre-filled flavored pods such as the JUUL device. In order to keep our regulars happy we offer a variety of pod based systems that are reusable, refillable, and rechargeable. These include the Smok Novo, Nord, and Mico, Vaporesso’s Zero, Suiorin Vapes, and disposable vape-pen options.  The variety of vape-juice options out there for both flavor and nicotine strength should ensure that any of those affected by the ban will have a comparable if not a better product then what falls under the new regulations.

When it comes to glass, Fourward has always specialized in curating domestic, hand-made glass from the basic production line daily drivers to some of the most talented lamp work in the country. Some of the great new artists we have added to our collection this year are Jason Charles, Capt’n Cronic, Cambria Glass, Ghost Glass, Goblin King, Frank Plays with Fire, Our Glass, BlueJay, MadKnight Glass, Silverman Glass, Mad Scientist Market, Hug Life, Galactic Glass, Bears Hazeydaze, G-Wiz, MJ Arsenal, and Diesel Glass. These include Bubblers, Spoons, Chillums, and Waterpipes in the bubbler, beaker, straight-tube styles and more.

We still carry over one hundred-forty artists from all over the country so definitely stop by next time you find yourself on Central. For our non-local clients check out our website at fourwardglass.com with new products being added daily and free shipping on all orders over $100.


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